Hello everyone, this website is going to focous on poverty around Romania, but it will also focous on other places in the world from time to time. Please note that we are a non-profit organization, and we don't accpet donations for the moment as this is a group started and conducted by students at AISB Bucharest. We all come from different backrounds and most of us are not native Romanians.  Before you even start reading this web, you must be aware of what we define as poverty. Poverty is deffined by not having all the needed resources in order to enjoy a decent life or by barely having this resources. Poverty is an ongoing cycle, especially because of the lack of good education of the people living in poverty. Health is also a big issue, as well as religious ideals and intolerance, all this and many more contribute to the continuation of poverty. We want to change something, therefore, we decided to make you aware. Maybe you can't really help us do much about poverty here, in Romania, but you can make a huge difference in your very own community. Think about it, if all the people would try to stop poverty in their area, then there would be a very small amount of people living in poverty, if any at all. Therefore, I ask you, reader, for a favour. On your way out, would you please save the world? 

For the Youth


For all the young people reading this, you can make a huge difference. Educate yourself, explore the seas of possible options for your future. What are you, a scientist, an arhitect, an engineer? You choose, by simply having a job and doing it well you create the future. You can alos help the world by creating your own buisness, and being one of the fair rich people of this world. This is our message to all the kids of our age, to the youth. You have amazing power, if you only knew what can be done?  Please , be the leader of tommorow, and start today, life is way shorter than you expected.

 What we are about?

How Can You Help?


Hello, so you think about actually doing something? Awesome, you amaze me. There are a bunch of things you can do, but here are the steps that we suggest you take fot the beginning.


Step 1: Know yourself

Yes, before you actually change the world, you need to know how can you be useful to this world, what are your qualities, your strenghts and weaknesses, what can you improve? 


Step 2: Learn Stuff

This one works best for kids, however, even as an adult you can learn stuff. By learning I mean anything, like taking a Math class, to learning how to be braver, believe it or not, it will dramatically change your life.


Step 3: Be independent

You can still be who you are, no matter what others think. If someone tells you that as a girl you can't run, you can still be frineds with that person, just don'believe everything they say.


Step 4: Set Goals

Decide what you want, what is your goal. Let's say you want to quit smoking, fine, take it step by step, let's say you want to learn how to fix a car, decidee by when, and another thing, never be disappointed if you don't achieve all your goals.


For further information, please ckeck our "Get Involved" page. 


On you way out would you


Save the World!

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